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My main interest has always been to increase the awareness of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

In my attempt to achieve this goal I have been on a long journey over the last ten years discovering a great deal of information regarding Auditory Processing Disorder and a wide range of related issues.

The aim here is to share this information with all who have an interest in Auditory Processing Disorder.

I have also delved into what sometimes can appear to be an unrelated area of interest, but there is always some tenuous link.
Dolfrog's Online PubMed Research Paper Collections
My online PubMed research paper collections

These collections of research papers have evolved over a number of years as I have researched a wide range of topics. Especially when I was contributing to various Wikipedia articles.

My online PubMed research paper collection loosely fall into three categories "Communication and Neurology", "Dyslexia", and "Invisible Disabilities"

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